I Am An Educator


A young woman recently asked me what I do for a living and she must have been smiling when she asked the question because I suspect she was as confused as am. Thus, after wandering through my memory bank of all I had done over the years, I simply said to her "I am an educator" and with those four words summed up four scores of living dedicated to making a difference in the lives of others.

Earlier on I was a cabinet maker, building things of wood, after that I learned to apply the finish to the work by matching colors and grains in various woods, from there I became the consummate businessman owning and operating five different but related businesses, one of which was a factory manufacturing kitchen cabinets, until I heard the divine call to leave everything behind for my indoctrination into the Christian ministry where I became divinely acquainted with writing and publishing books, articles, and training workshops on the Christian faith.

What all of these things have in common is a fact, that from each of these experiences, I learned a discipline for life, and because these varied proficiencies have contributed to my education I feel compelled to share this acquired wisdom in my writing which has had a marked impact on my life and the lives of others.

In my books you will meet a God who is faithful and performs miracles not to display his power and might, but to show his love and compassion and to glorify his Father. You will learn the basic truths of the Christian faith, and will grasp new understanding of the mind and purposes of God, and the Bible. You will be challenged to ponder who God really is for you, and will explore the wonderful story of our divine birth in creation.  For those over the age of fifty, shut-ins and infirmed, you will find hope and comfort in the Scriptures in your latter years and you will learn what it means to live a life of peace and joy in the presence of a personal God. 

Many have remarked, once they began reading a particular book they could not put it down, so I challenge you today to start reading. See too, if your heart will not be delighted as you learn more of the intimacy of being with Jesus. See if your mind will not be stimulated as you receive revelation from God’s own Spirit. See if your intellect is not challenged by the simplicity of the Scriptures, and see if your Spirit is not renewed as you descend into a deeper life-changing relationship with the Living God. 

Start reading today by ordering a book at my website www.sharethevision-christianed.com, or go directly to www.banksquarebooks.com or call [401] 213-3901 / [860] 536-3795.

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